PCA Spotlight: 911 GT3 Touring: How far Exclusive Manufaktur goes to customize new Porsches

As active PCA members, we see the best Porsches in the world on a regular basis, yet it’s still a rare opportunity to examine one in detail as it’s delivered to a customer. Jorge Carnicero, of Potomac Region, took delivery of his 911 GT3 Touring extensively customized by Exclusive Manufaktur at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta, and fortunately we were invited to bring our cameras and get the full story of how this car came to be.

Carnicero’s good friend Tom Neel, also of Potomac Region and a regular contributor to PCA.org, helped him throughout the process of spec’ing this paint-to-sample British Racing Green Porsche. He’ll give us a tour of the car in the video above, touching on the unique parts of this car that aren’t available on the normal options list yet which can be made possible by Exclusive Manufaktur — a department within the automaker that goes to extraordinary lengths to personalize new Porsches for customers. Instead of going the flashy route, Carnicero built his GT3 Touring to embody the term “understated elegance.”