How Our Car Storage Service Works

On a daily basis the environment, security systems & dehumidifiers are all checked and monitored.

We understand vehicle storage and overinflate the tyres on arrival to reduce the effect of ‘flat spotting’ whilst the vehicle is in storage stationery.

We provide specialist soft stretch vehicle car covers unless a specialist cover is selected for storage.


What is the minimum period for car storage?

There is no minimum period, however we prefer to operate a month by month basis if possible.

Will my car be insured when stored at Concours Vehicle Solutions?

You will need to cover the vehicle, and the minimum requirement is third party, accidental damage, fire and theft whilst the vehicle is in our care.

It is recommended to have COMPREHENSIVE-ONLY COVERAGE

If a car will be kept in storage for 30 days or more, you can suspend your liability and collision coverages as these are driving-related.

Instead, maintain only comprehensive coverage on the car while it's in storage.

Comprehensive coverage helps pay to repair vehicle damage from things like theft, fire or hail and being in a secure storage facility this will be very low costs.

Do Concours Vehicle Solutions have security?

We have monitored premises with a minimum of an intruder alarm system and CCTV coverage.

Could you collect or deliver my vehicle?

Yes, we can arrange a local specialised classic car transport company using a covered trailer to provide this service at favourable rates.

Where are Concours Vehicle Solutions storate facilities?

For obvious security reasons, we do not provide our address online. We are located in Birmingham