Why Choose Concours Vehicle Solutions

Our obsession with vehicles is in the blood.

As a result, we offer completely genuine care for classic cars, supercars and sports cars at a different level to our competitors.

Our Director has decades of love and care for his own collection and his circle of friends.

Storage of some very rare vehicles is the very reason Concours Vehicles Solutions was developed.

About Concours Vehicle Solutions

Concours Vehicle Solutions is not just a car storage business. The Managing Director Ian Bevis has a petrol-fuelled past from an early age.

Being a successful entrepreneur he has been developing successful businesses for himself and clients. As a result, he has been very lucky to own some amazing vehicles and mixes in a circle of business owners with amazing vehicle collections.

His passion for cars and interest in special vehicles has grown to an obsession and he invests in appreciating classics.

Concours Vehicles Head Office

Why Concours As A Name?

The Best Cars Need The Best Car Storage

Our Director has been lucky to own some of the best examples possible of some of the most amazing cars ever produced.

Always cared for in a way that only true petrol heads understand.

Now at 43 years old, a very successful business owner, he needed more than a hidden away garage and as a result, he did what he does best and set up a business to cover a need which soon was being used by people in his circle of trust and is now open to others to take advantage of the best storage facilities available that provide a unique level of service.

Concours Vehicles Head Office

The Directors main business Chameleon is the head office for the operations of Concours Vehicle Solutions.

BMW i8 Ian Bevis

Chameleon is involved with Supercars in a heavy way and as a result, photography is something that has grown as a service and as with everything our Director gets involved in, the results are amazing.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Storage
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Storage
Rolls Royce Dawn
Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Storage
Range Rover Sport SVR
Lamborghini Performante