V.I.P Car Storage Solutions

If you have a vehicle that is extra special, it should be taken care of like it a baby. When it comes to V.I.P Car Storage you need our Director to get his hands dirty so that you can rely on everything to be perfect, only being a Director will help you understand this statement "it is difficult to 100% rely on employees" and for this very reason, Concours Vehicles offers this service.

Concours Vehicles was developed from necessity for our Director so taking care of special cars is in his blood and the growing brand name helped by providing car storage differently to others in the vehicle storage Industry.

Whether you are looking for winter storage or longterm storage for a Classic or Supercar, Concours can provide the best option to your needs and budget.

No client is ever the same and no storage need is the same, so why should storage companies be the same?

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Porsche 356 storage

V.I.P Car Storage Costs

VIP Car Storage - from £750.00 per month

  • V.I.P Vehicle managed personally by our Director Ian Bevis.
  • Secure indoor premises
  • Supercar Airchamber.
    • Controlled clean, dry and dust-free environment
    • Airflow with Activated Carbon filters for perfect interior airflow circulation.
      • 50,000 litres of clean air per hour
      • Rapidly drying damp vehicles
      • Prevents condensation and rust.
    • Extra Large – 5.7 x 2.2 x 1.8 to Extra High – 5.2 x 2.2 x 2.2
      • SIZING (Length, Width & Height in metres)
  • Photographed before storing.
  • Video of work completed by Ian Bevis.
  • 24 x 7 vehicle CCTV access provided.
  • Battery conditioner connected
    • 100% battery reliability without the need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle.
vip car storage
airflow vehicle storage
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Discounts Apply For Longterm Clients

Get in touch today for a bespoke quotation for long storage options!

Pre-Storage Valet & Inspection - £48.00

Book a Concourse Vehicle Solutions valet and inspection before being stored.

Removal / Return Inspection - £P.O.A

Owner removal and return includes vehicle check, valet, wash and dry on return.

48 hours notice preferred

Available Monday to Sunday

Car Monthly Checks - £22.00

Check vehicle tyre pressures, roll the vehicle to prevent flat spots of tyres.

Start the engine and run up to operating temperature.

Check the battery condition.

Car Bi-Monthly Checks - £22.00

Check vehicle tyre pressures, roll the vehicle to prevent flat spots of tyres.

Start the engine and run up to operating temperature.

Check the battery condition.

Flexible Supercar Storage

At Concours we wanted to be different and provide a more flexible approach to car storage and also provide the best solution possible. We spent time understanding how to store a car and what problems the industry was facing. For example the storage units in the middle of a field, an old barn is perfect in terms of costs for the building and usage. However, with this comes issues with Rodents and potentially damp and security.

Storing a classic car needs to start from the basics, the storage facility needs to be dry, rodent free and secure.

So we started looking at units which are great, but with this comes high business rates often due to the square footage and also the storage units are often in estates with others which mean lots of people coming and going to the neighbouring units and people are more aware of what is being stored. The more people that can see the cars moving in and out the more likely the wrong people will find out about the location of a special classic car location.

Car Storage Near Me

We decided to find a solution to Car storage after being failed in the industry by a number of companies and spent a long time looking at options and making a the best plan to create the ultimate storage company.

Our car storage is unique and our clients love what we have developed as a business model.