The Triumph TR Story

Triumph produced what might be the perfect open top sports car in the 1950s and 60s. A daily driver during the week, a track-day car at the weekends, and a whole heap of fun every day of the week! From its roots as a show car that was labelled a “death trap” to a much-loved icon of freedom on the open road, the Triumph TR cars have it all. For much of their life they battled MGs and Porsches for victory in the open top arena, having an amazing 28-year production run and it still inspires new open tops into the 21st century. This video covers the Triumph Roadster, Triumph TRX, Triumph 20TS, Triumph TR2, Triumph TR3, Triumph TR3A, Triumph TR3B, Triumph TR4, Triumph TR4A, Triumph TR5, Triumph TR6, Triumph TR7 and Triumph TR8.

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