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The Porsche 911 930 Turbo stands as a legendary icon in the automotive world, blending a rich history with unparalleled performance. Since its inception, it has been synonymous with speed, precision, and engineering excellence. Introduced in the mid-1970s, the 930 Turbo was born out of Porsche's relentless pursuit of innovation on the racetrack, with its roots deeply entrenched in motorsport heritage.

Initially conceived as a homologation special for racing, the 911 Turbo quickly captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Its distinctive rear spoiler, widened wheel arches, and signature turbocharged flat-six engine marked it as a formidable force both on the track and the street. With its groundbreaking technology and exhilarating driving experience, the 930 Turbo became a symbol of automotive prowess during an era defined by performance and adrenaline.

Over the decades, the 911 Turbo evolved, pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering while maintaining its unmistakable design DNA. With each iteration, Porsche refined the turbocharging technology, enhancing power, handling, and aerodynamics to deliver an unrivaled driving experience. From the racetrack to the open road, the 911 Turbo has consistently set the benchmark for high-performance sports cars, earning a devoted following and garnering accolades along the way.

In 2024, the Porsche 911 930 Turbo has transcended its status as a mere sports car to become a coveted collector's item. Its rarity, historical significance, and enduring appeal have propelled it into the realm of automotive icons, with enthusiasts clamoring to own a piece of motoring history. As demand for vintage Porsches continues to surge, prices for well-maintained 930 Turbos have skyrocketed, solidifying its status as a blue-chip investment in the automotive market.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the Porsche 911 930 Turbo represents more than just a car—it's a symbol of innovation, performance, and timeless design. As it continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world, its legacy as a true automotive icon remains firmly intact, ensuring its place in the annals of automotive history for generations to come.

Following the SOLD Prices of the Porsche 911 930 Turbo

While tracking sold prices of cars can provide some insight into market trends, it's important to recognise that these figures may not always accurately reflect the true value of a particular model. The discrepancies arise from the varied ownership histories and conditions of individual vehicles.

A true collector's example of a car holds more value than just its selling price. It encompasses factors such as a comprehensive and unbroken history file, meticulous maintenance records, and originality—ideally remaining entirely stock as it left the factory. Such a vehicle represents the epitome of rarity and authenticity, commanding a premium due to its pristine condition and unblemished provenance.

Cars with missing or incomplete histories, modifications, or undisclosed issues may fetch lower prices despite belonging to the same model line. These discrepancies underscore the importance of thorough research and scrutiny when assessing the value of a collector car. Ultimately, it's the combination of provenance, condition, and originality that truly defines the worth of a collectible automobile, transcending mere market prices.

24,966 Miles



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This 930-generation Porsche 911 Turbo LE stands as a coveted variant of the marque's esteemed 1980s sports car. It boasts a collection of factory performance and cosmetic enhancements, making it a rare find for enthusiasts. Offered for sale by its dedicated long-term owner of 24 years, this pristine example has clocked just 24,966 miles on the odometer. With its low mileage and exceptional condition, it presents an enticing opportunity for collectors and aficionados alike. Whether showcased in a prestigious car show or enjoyed as a thrilling weekend drive, this 911 Turbo LE promises to be a standout addition to any discerning enthusiast's collection.


  • Minor chips are present on the front end, and there is light wear on the front seat bolsters.
  • Upon inspection with a paint depth gauge, it was observed that the offside of the car has undergone some prior paintwork before the current ownership. The seller believes this was likely for superficial damage rather than due to an accident.
  • The additional heater blower is currently not operational.
  • The most recent MOT test was conducted on May 31, 2023, at 24,820 miles, resulting in a clean first-time pass.
  • Since records were digitalized in 2006, the car has passed each MOT test it has been presented for on its first attempt.


  • Apr 2023 – 24,666 miles – Dove House Motor Company
  • May 2019 – 24,292 miles – Dove House Motor Company
  • Aug 2016 – 24,000 miles – Dove House Motor Company
  • Jan 2011 – 23,673 miles – Porsche Colchester
  • Dec 2006 – 23,384 miles – Porsche Colchester
  • Nov 2005 – 23,337 miles – Porsche Colchester
  • Jan 2004 – 23,084 miles – Porsche Colchester
  • Jan 2001 – 19,695 miles – Porsche Colchester
  • Dec 2000 – 19,425 miles – Portfield Sports and Classics Chichester
  • Mar 1999 – 10,246 miles – AFN Porsche
  • Apr 1998 – 1,670 miles – AFN Porsche
  • May 1995 – 934 miles – Porsche Cumbria
  • Mar 1991 – 320 miles – Porsche Cumbria

33,197 Miles



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This 930-generation Porsche 911 Turbo LE represents a remarkable specimen of the highly sought-after limited-edition variant from the 1980s. Offered from a private collection, this rare gem boasts low mileage and stands as one of only 53 examples produced for the UK market. Presented in the rare Baltic Blue hue and in excellent overall condition, it serves as a standout addition to any collection of significant Porsche models.


  • The paintwork is generally excellent, although there are minor stone chips noticeable on the front valance and the door mirrors.
  • The cabin is in superb condition, with the exception of some age-related marks and discoloration on the driver's seat side bolsters.
  • The seller has not encountered any electrical or mechanical faults with the vehicle.
  • The most recent MOT test occurred on April 24, 2023, at 32,678 miles, and it passed on the first attempt with no advisories.


  • Oct 1990 - 3,034 miles - Porsche Centre Swindon
  • Jul 1993 - 6,495 miles - Porsche Centre Bristol
  • Sep 1997 - 13,137 miles - Porsche Centre Little Aston
  • Aug 1999 - 19,145 miles - Porsche Centre Guildford
  • Jun 2013 - 29,571 miles - Porsche Centre Portsmouth
  • Jul 2014 - 29,938 miles - Hexagon Classics
  • Dec 2018 - 30,723 miles - Jasmine Porschalink
  • Feb 2021 - 31,893 miles - Jasmine Porschalink
  • Apr 2023 - 32,688 miles - Jasmine Porschalink

31,635 Miles



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This 930-generation Porsche 911 Turbo embodies the timeless allure of the iconic 1980s sports car. It comes with a robust maintenance history from early Porsche main dealers and marque specialists, along with previous restorative maintenance, ensuring its excellent condition over the years. Adorned in the rare Prussian Blue finish, its instantly recognizable styling sets it apart. This Porsche would be a discerning addition to any marque enthusiast's collection, offering both aesthetic appeal and an engaging driving experience as a weekend toy.


  • There is a small, slightly dull spot on the front wing, and the driver's seat bolsters show age-related wear.
  • The seller is not aware of any mechanical or electrical faults, and they confirm that no warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard. However, they mention that the air conditioning unit has been removed.
  • The most recent MOT test was conducted on June 14, 2022, at 112,182 miles. It passed on the first attempt, with an advisory for both rear tires being worn close to the legal limit.
  • The seller assures that a fresh MOT test will be conducted before the car is handed over to its new owner.


  • Jun 2021 - 110,895 miles - Cotswold Porsche Specialists
  • Jun 2020 - 110,100 miles - Keys Motorsport Silverstone Limited
  • Oct 2010 - 97,162 miles - BI Autotech
  • May 2009 - 94,621 miles - Telstar Garage
  • Apr 2008 - 91,424 miles - Northway Porsche Specialist
  • Jan 2004 - 77,468 miles - Northway Porsche Specialist
  • Oct 2003 - 74,915 miles - Northway Porsche Specialist
  • Jan 2003 - 70,847 miles - Zest Performance
  • Aug 2002 - 68,187 miles - Zest Performance
  • Oct 2001 - 63,757 miles - Ronnoco Porsche
  • May 2000 - 61,149 miles - Ronnoco Porsche
  • Jul 1999 - 57,226 miles - RUF Automobile
  • Oct 1997 - 52,358 miles - RUF Automobile
  • Aug 1997 - 51,231 miles - Ronnoco Porsche
  • Oct 1995 - 42,910 miles - Parkwood Porsche Centre
  • Aug 1994 - 31,485 miles - Parkwood Porsche Centre
  • Oct 1994 - 33,662 miles - Parkwood Porsche Centre
  • Jun 1994 - 29,858 miles - Parkwood Porsche Centre
  • Jul 1992 - 3,654 miles - Parr

This Porsche 911 (930) Turbo stands as one of the final right-hand drive models manufactured, boasting the coveted five-speed G50 gearbox. Notably, it was previously in the ownership of Harry Metcalfe, and was featured on his YouTube channel in May 2015. Recently serviced by Porsche Centre Bournemouth, this 911 Turbo is primed for acquisition by Porsche enthusiasts and collectors alike, presenting an enticing opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.


The original Midnight Blue paint of this vehicle is described as being in good condition, although it does show minor stone chips on the front end, wing mirrors, and passenger door. Inside, the original upholstery displays light age-related creasing, with the dashboard top slightly shrunken.

There are signs of use around some major touchpoints; however, the overall cabin appears to be well-maintained. The seller states no awareness of any mechanical or electrical faults.

The most recent MOT test, conducted on December 16, 2022, at 31,641 miles by Porsche Centre Bournemouth, resulted in a second-time pass with no advisories, following the fitting of a new valve for one of the offside washer jets.


  • Jan 2022 - 31,628 miles - Porsche Centre Bournemouth
  • Aug 2021 - 31,211 miles - Porsche Centre Guildford
  • Nov 2018 - 30,873 miles - Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield
  • Oct 2016 - 30,161 miles - Porsche Centre Swindon (Brake fluid)
  • Aug 2015 - 29,952 miles - Porsche Centre Tewkesbury
  • Nov 2014 - 28,682 miles - Autofarm
  • Apr 2012 - 27,220 miles - Tognola Engineering
  • Sep 2011 - 25,500 miles - QV500 Ltd (Brake fluid)
  • Dec 2006 - 24,823 miles - I.K. Classics (Brake fluid)
  • Mar 2004 - 22,512 miles - Porsche Centre Cardiff
  • Nov 1999 - 21,100 miles - Riti Performance Services
  • May 1993 - 15,924 miles - AFN Porsche
  • Sep 1991 - 12,926 miles - AFN Porsche (Brake fluid)
  • Jul 1990 - 7,810 miles - AFN Porsche (Brake fluid)
  • May 1989 - 3,423 km - AFN Porsche (Speedometer change)
  • May 1989 - 3,194 km - AFN Porsche

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